Carbinox Titan & The Spacecrafter Bundle Pack

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Clint Straehl
They've been really good to me!

The watches look great, fit pretty good. There's not a scratch or dent or anything so far. Battery life is pretty good, lasts between 2 and 3 days for the space crafter. Hardly used the titan, but it fits good and looks OK. But the spacecrafter has to be the best looking of the bunch. Overall, very satisfied.

mike Kotansky
spacecraft and titan

so far so good like the spacecrafter more than the titan cause more things you can do overall great watches so far i deliver furniture and they take a beating going to by the others in the very near future

Christopher Morgan
Great watches for an amazing price!

Got the Titan & and Spacecrafter bundle because it was such a great deal. One for me and one for the wife. They look great, especially the Spacecrafter looks fantastic on my wife's wrist. I am pretty hard on watches and the Titan is taking a beating at my Job. The wrist band on my previous Ftbts would be the first to go. Then when it would hit the floor the Ftbt would never operate the same. I would have to get a new one every 6 months, and they would only ever have "rose gold," other wise known as pink in stock. Everyone would ask "Is your watch pink?", I would quickly reply "rose gold." Love the styles you have and my boys will be getting theirs soon. Kinda of jealous of the Spacecrafter that my wife has, I love the Titan, but my wife really makes that Spacecrafter look so good.

A man’s smart watch.

I have had several name brand watches that don’t hold a candle to the carbinox .this is a man’s watch the battery life is amazing I can go up to two weeks without charging it it is lightweight and nearly indestructible this is not the watch for the guy at Starbucks drinking his latte and checking his email this watch is for the man that built the building where he sits and drinks his latte if you’re looking for a rugged work watch because you work for a living this is the watch for you I would still buy this watch at twice the price it is that good I’d also like to mention that it keeps track of my heart rate my blood pressure my steps my calories it reminds me to drink water it will give you your messages off of your phone it’s a real man’s working watch try one for yourself he won’t be disappointed

Jorge Vazquez
Loved both!

I bought both the SpaceCrafter and Titan, use the Spacecrafter when I'm in the office and Titan for everything else. Not too concerned on not being able to text and call from then since I didn't use that option much on my Samsung watch. Definitely a cheaper and better purchase in my opinion!

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