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Great watch

I have had my watch for a couple of weeks and I love it.

More than I expected

Very nice watch and durable I really like it.

So far so good

Just received my Titan, Assualt, Blade/Whistle/Glass Punch/Compass & what looks like a Flint stick ?! Wallet, which I still need to figure out🤦🏻 . Haven’t found the secret to the Pen yet. Everything is hard core, tough, nasty tough👍🏻👍🏻& practical/easy to use (well, except the pen…🤔). I’ll bet, in the words of Jim Carry in lire lier…”The G D pen is blue” !!! That bedside, I’m as happy as a pig in…you know.

Awesome Watch

Experience was great, love the watches. Definitely worth the money, great value for the money.


I love it it is really light weight


I’ve had my titan for over a month or two now. And all I’ve got to say is I’m surprised! You guys have held up to what you said it can do! I ordered a new band (just because) but I got the gorilla glass covers. It didn’t want to stick all the way even after a good clean but it’s on and still not scratched up! As a mechanic I got to say it’s doing a good job and it’s a well built product. Will definitely buy another just to have a different style for different occasions. I promise that.

Black Camo Band
Daniel Rouch
Love it

Love the feel and the look super durable


I had always thought it was a good watch, now I am convinced when I receive my Lux Black. I bought the Spacecrafter model too but it didn't arrive until mid-October so I decided to buy this one so in a short time I will enjoy both of them, they really are wonderful.


The watches are good. I have a few things that I think are a issue. 1st the watch band irritates my skin. If there was a mental band it would be great. 2nd the notifications doesn't work for everything such as text messages. I get some and then I don't. Everything is linked but still have this issue. I've contacted customer support and they sent me the link to fix my issue but it was to link my phone to Bluetooth which I have no issue with. Other than that it's a good watch. It stands up to everything it do with gardening to baking. The battery is amazing. Long lasting. Longer than my fitbit.


It's nice to not have to charge my watch every other day...It tracks everything I want it to, and a few extras too...Great purchase

Great product

Seems to be just as advertised.

CARBINOX Customer Service

After receiving my watch my charger cord shorted out. I read alot of negative reviews on this issue about poor customer service. Let me set the record straight!! I instant messaged customer service, on a Saturday, and within a few minutes I was in touch with a representative. I explained my problem and even sent pictures. I was told not to worry they will make everything right, and they did. I was shipped out, at no charge to me, a new charging cable and was able to start using my Black Lux watch once again. So I say "GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE/GREAT VALUE/AND A GREAT WATCH". Thanks again CARBINOX

Carbinox Premium Care
Benjamin Chandler
So far I like it

I'm a professional longhole trip driver and very hard on watches And I'm very active all the time when I'm home camping hiking and other things And I have destroyed cassio watches before I'm hoping this one holds up a lot better than those dead I've seen people running to move over with a car but haven't seen it done with a semi not sure if I want to try that theory yet and it's very nice in the dark

Amazingly amazing product.

So far I am honestly enjoying my Watch. I feel the build quality is fantastic. I am also am enjoying the functionalities of the watch.

Awesome as always.

I lost my lux on vacation and I was bummed out. I looked everywhere for it. Once I knew it was gone for the good, I buckled down and bought the Titan and I can say it was a excellent upgrade. As always I am a avid promoter of Carbinox watches and I will continue to be. Best smart watch on the market.

So far so good!

I'm not a gadget person, but I like this watch. So far it's survived working on cars and tree work. I went the extra and got the gorilla glass protectors. Well worth it, still no scratches. The watch has survived week 1 of life with me.

Pretty good

Well after having issues with my Spacecrafter I ordered the Titan, I love them both although the Spacecrafter stops trending and only has accurate time the Titan works great but just recently locked up the last 2 days and had to reset it then it would only display that it was downloading. I let it do its thing incase is was actually downloading an update or something but it did it all day so I had to reset it again. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing. I am also wondering if you have any harder bands for the Titan that are similar to the one on the Spacecrafter? The soft one collects alot of dust and dirt from my work.


The watch exceeds my expectations. It has nice weight, feels like actual metal and the screen is clear and has good resolution. I upgraded to the Spacecrafter from your original model and the improvements are well received. My only issue with my orders is the delivery time. Even with expedited shipping, which I paid for, still took 8 business days to recieve. Not your guys fault, per se, but USPS is the service you provide and charge us for the priority costs.

Best watch ever

In one word my experience was amazing I absolutely love this watch and I'm pretty sure I'll never own anything other than carbinox watches ever again

Best Investment

I purchased the Carbinox Lux Black for my personal use and I love it. This has been the BEST INVESTMENT I have made for myself in many years. I use this watch 24/7 and recommend it to anyone who is serious about maintaining their health!

Carbinox Premium Care
Richard Wentz

Love it work in the oil field very tough watch


What an amazing watch so glad that I made this purchase will be buying more of the future for my family thank you guys again for the awesome watch

Carbinox Premium Care
Charles Davis
Good product.

Received my watch and glass, but still have not received the warrant info. So, far the watch is great!! Very durable, I use it at work and working out. So far so good. Time will tell.

Carbinox Glass

I received the glass pack with my Spacecrafter watch. Installation was a snap. Very easy 1,2,3. No issues there. Within a couple of hours, however, it was scratched. A little too easily too. I guess that’s why I got them though, so I don’t scratch the watch.

Extremely Happy with Titan

Absolutely love the Titan watch. I have put this thing through everything from wrenching on vehicles, prepping football field, riding jetski, fishing, and playing with the kids.